Expedition Dispatches

Expedition Dispatches

Join the odyssey in a real-time spectacle of endurance, a testament to humanity's dance with our resplendent planet.

Live from The Nanook

Step into the realm of adventure and become an honorary member of our seafaring crew through live feeds and real-time interactive maps.

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The Journal

Daily logs and observations from the dedicated crew aboard The Nanook provide a captivating glimpse into their journeys as they venture into the most remote territories of our planet.

Antarctic Peninsula

The Escape.

The wind continued to increase in intensity outside as early evening approached. The slowly sun traversed lower in the sky as the air temperature plummeted below -25 C freezing everything inside the tent. I refreshed the forecast via the...


On The Plateau.

Moisture dripped off our tent roof onto the sleeping bags all night. It was uncomfortably warm within the tent, close to 5°C which sounds cold but when camping on snow it is a nightmare to manage. Not cold enough to create ice which is e...

Patagonian Fjords

From The Fjord To The World Above

Mental checklist after checklist preceded loading the packs and pulks (snow sleds) into the dinghy off The Nanook’s stern. In the dawn’s cold drizzle we rugged up and Jordy ran us to a small strip of beach - our access - adjacent to the...

Of the Coast of Chile

Land Ho.

To understand the excitement a crew member feels when that guttural yell of “LAND HO” rings outacross a small sailing vessel you need to have been at sea, preferably a rough sea, for at least 30 dayswithout sighting terra firm-a. There a...

The Southern Pacific Ocean

The Final Test

Just days from the coast, the crew yearning for a sighting of land, coming on deck hoping for even the scent of terra firma. However the Southern Ocean was not to make things tdhat easy, there remained one final test of endurance before...

The South Pacific


Our day to day life is dominated by weather systems more than any other expedition I have ever been on. Our liquid world changes so fast under the influence of wind far away over the horizon, we can feel the ominous threat of change cont...

Point Nemo - The Oceanic Pole of Inaccessability

Point Nemo.

Just as fast as it appeared, it vanished. As it entered our atmosphere it lit up the sky, emitting a bright green then white hew before disappearing into a dark oblivion with a grand explosion. The object had a large tail with bits of it...